Just finished editing NO MARGRETTES

Monday September 21st Director of Photography Nicholaus James and I finished our edit of NO MARGRETTES and just before midnight I submitted a short film to a major film festival for the first time.

I am addicted to this film and whatever it needs from me.  It’s a good need.

Going forth I’ll be submitting the film through the fall and into the winter for the festivals in which I think No Margrettes could win a home.  All of this, all of these actions and decisions are new and when it comes time to do it again with another film, all of it will be a little less new, a little less daunting but I’m sure equally as exciting.

I’m starting to “put the film out there,” via our trailer and the behind the scenes film, on social media sites and through the festival submissions.  This website (beautifully designed by Justin at Children’s Telepathic Workshop) will contain information relevant to upcoming screenings and festival acceptance, as well as basically anything newsworthy related to the film, the actors, the crew, etc,  Be sure to sign up for the mailing list.

Thank you for stopping by to read this.  If you like the trailer or BTS, the site, etc, please take one down and pass it around…

Thank you,