I feel like August is the last month we have to get everything ready before submitting the film to festivals. The short looking like it’s going to be at least 23 minutes I’m not sure how that’s going to effect us with regards to festival consideration but I’m excited to find out. I feel like we’re going to have a contender on our hands when all is said and done. Time will tell. Nick James is currently shooting his feature film in the Kansas Flint Hills. I’m trying to do my best with limited technological means to edit versions of the film together that hopefully get sharper and more effective with each tinkering. We’ll meet at the beginning of September and finalize, then I’ll meet with Danny and get to it with post-production sound. Our deadline for a final film is Sept 21st, one week before the late deadline for submissions to Sundance. Why not, right? I’d rather spend money on nothing other than anything related to NO MARGRETTES. I’m trying to learn about what the right kind of gear I should purchase might be to begin filming stories more regularly that will look and sound respectable and hope to be crafting something else very soon. Once the film is finished I will be submitting it diligently to the right festivals. It could be an exciting winter. Exciting. Exciting. Excitement.